Wide variety of TREATMENTS offered

Our Treatments

We offer all NHS and a variety of Private treatments. There are different advantages to different treatments and these will be discussed with you prior to starting. We will only proceed once you understand the difference with each option. Some treatments will require further work prior to starting treatment to ensure long term stability.

Prices can vary between patients depending on their treatment needs. This will be discussed at your consultation. NHS prices are fixed and are determined by the Scottish Government. Private treatments are as follows:

Your treatment will be tailored to your needs. Prices may vary depending on which tooth surfaces require treatment. All treatment options will be discussed with you before starting your treatment. We can offer treatments under the NHS or Privately depending on your requirements.
Your examination will be free of charge under the NHS. Some patients will be entitled to have all NHS treatment free of charge. We can also help arrange financial help for students.
Please call us on 0141 339 6325 or book online to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

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