Smiles Revivals Gallery

Smiles Revivals Gallery

We have had many patients come to us with neglected teeth and they have been self conscious of their smiles. They have had to cover their mouth when they smile and as a result confidence has been low.

We spend time with patients to explain different treatment options at affordable prices, and the results speak for themselves.

Case 1

This patient attended with old crowns and discoloured, heavily filled teeth. He was nervous about having dental treatment done and as a result his teeth had been neglected. His confidence was affected by his smile. By the end of his treatment he was much more relaxed in the dental chair and he is delighted with his new smile.

We replaced the crowns, replaced broken and decayed fillings and provided a partial acrylic denture.

"I am happy with my smile and feel more confident now"


Case 2

This patient presented with a bride made over 20 years ago. he bridge was broken, exposing the metal framework. His relationship with his customers was affected and he was going abroad for a family wedding. He came to us to see what his options were.

We removed the existing bridge and had a new one constructed for him. He will return in the near future to have his lower teeth replaced using dental implants.

Case 3

Here we have another case where the patient had not looked after his teeth as well as he used to, and had not had treatment done due to being nervous at the dentist. He presented with loose, decayed and badly broken teeth, and low confidence due to his smile. He was expecting to have all his remaining teeth extracted.

To his surprise we were able to save some of his lower teeth. Treatment included extracting some of his teeth, white fillings, gum treatment and full upper and lower partial dentures.

"The treatment has made a big change to my life"


Case 4

This patient presented with gaps, discoloured and cracked teeth, and old worn crowns and gaps in his smile. His confidence was also affected.

We kept his treatment simple, but he is very happy with the results, and his confidence has been given a boost. His treatment included a new crown, a porcelain veneer, white fillings and a partial denture to replace missing teeth.

Case 5

This patient presented with multiple broken and decayed teeth. She had lived with this smile for several years and thought there was nothing that could be done other than remove all her teeth.

We did have to remove 2 of her teeth which were not savable, but her other teeth were restored using white fillings. Having full dentures may have given a better aesthetic result, but she is delighted that she still has most of her own teeth, and she can now smile without hiding her teeth

"My confidence is better. Much happier with my smile, don't have to cover my mouth when I smile anymore"


Case 6

This patient also presented as a new patient with several decayed and discoloured teeth. His confidence was low due to his smile, he would cover his mouth with his hand when he spoke to people.

His treatment was kept fairly simple- we extracted the decayed teeth and had a partial denture made. His other teeth were built up with white fillings and the results speak for themselves.

"I'm more confident now, feel more at ease to smile"