Nervous Patients

Are You Nervous?

This should not be the case, and we can help.

We completely understand for some patients visiting the dentist can make you feel anxious. This is usually when you have had a bad experience in the past, or have a relative with a dental phobia.

Between us we have over 20 years experience of treating nervous patients and we pride ourselves on helping patients overcome their dental phobia.

By taking extra time with you, explaining what treatment is required and why, we will gently ease you back into feeling relaxed for treatment. We will only start treatment when you feel ready, and will start with shorter appointments until you feel more comfortable.


No Need To Worry


Some patients feel embarrassed to show their teeth if they have not been well maintained. We will not make you feel guilty about not looking after your teeth, we will help you look after them and keep you pain free.

If you are nervous we will not start treatment until you are ready. On your first appointment we will only check your teeth and explain what is required. On some occasions we will not even check your teeth, but just have a chat about your past experiences and how we can move forward.

It gives us great satisfaction when we see the difference with nervous patients at the start and at the end of treatment.

The first step is making the call to arrange an appointment. And we will be happy to help you in any way we can.