July 2020: Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

We are now open for patients requiring urgent dental care, following Government guidelines.

Due to Government guidelines, it is not going to be business as usual.

As you will all be aware, COVID-19 has changed the way that we all live and work. Since we have started seeing patients again, there are a lot of changes.
We are able to see patients who have URGENT DENTAL ISSUES only. for example:

  • pain that cannot be controlled by taking painkillers
  • swelling inside your mouth, or of your face/neck
  • broken dentures
  • crowns or bridges that have fallen out
  • lost fillings
  • broken teeth

Routine procedures cannot be offered yet, or urgent care where there is potential spray, or aerosols. If we are unable to treat you here you will be referred to an Urgent Dental Care Centre
When you attend the practice, things will look different. We will be asking you to arrive as close to your exact appointment time as possible, and bring you straight into the dental surgery. We will ask you to use alcohol hand gel. Our staff will be wearing masks and visors, and will be keeping 2m away from patients when possible. This is all going to seem very strange, but everything we do has your best interests at heart.


Important !


What do I do if I have pain, swelling, or bleeding?
Call the practice on 0141 339 6325. We can give advice over the phone, and if necessary we will refer you to an Urgent Dental Care Centre for treatment.

Please do not attend the practice to make an appointment, we are only able to make appointments over the phone

I am due my check-up, when can I be seen?
At present we are unable to see patients for routine check-ups. It is very likely that routine dental check-ups will not be possible until the number of COVID-19 infections have been reduced to a safe level.

I have a lump/patch in my mouth that I'm worried about, is it urgent?
Yes. If you are at all concerned about your oral health (including issues with your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks or throat) you should call us and speak to a dentist. Do not worry about wasting our time- mouth cancer is a very serious issue. Checking on funny lumps and red patches is a top priority. In most cases we will be able to reassure you over the phone that all is well, however services that deal with suspicious lesions are still running so we can refer you if needed.
Check out https://www.ltamc.org/mouthcheck/

Stay safe,
West End Smiles Team